Zoe Cassidy

Zoe Cassidy was a recurring character in Only Murders in the Building and a fellow member of The Hardy Boys. She had a close relationship with Oscar Torres until she was accidentally pushed from the roof of the Arconia during an argument with Theo Dimas.

Zoe's death would later come between the Hardy Boys and with Oscar in prison as the main suspect in her murder, Tim Kono and Mabel Mora grew apart.


The Hardy Boys and Death[edit]

Little is known about Zoe before she grew close with Mabel Mora, Oscar Torres, and Tim Kono other than the fact that her family owned the entire 11th floor of the Arconia. After she grew close with her friends, she and the others formed their friendship group, The Hardy Boys, and would wonder around the Arconia attempting to solve mysteries, just like the Hardy Boys did.

Eventually, they would stumble upon Teddy Dimas collection of stolen jewellery, and Zoe would steal a large attractive ring from the collection, which Teddy would later recognise in the Arconia's elevator. That same night, the night of the Arconia's New Years Eve party, Zoe got into a fight with her boyfriend, Oscar, on the roof of the Arconia. The fight was witnessed by Theo Dimas and, after Oscar left, Theo talked with Zoe, telling her that he would treat her right and get her a real ring one day.

Zoe was not receptive to Theo's comments and rather rude to him and the two got into an altercation. Zoe pushed Theo, and out of anger he pushed back causing her to lose her footing on the roof and fall to the street below ultimately killing her. This was later covered up by Teddy, who bribed Tim Kono with the ring to keep his mouth shut about the whole ordeal.


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