Who Is Tim Kono?

Who Is Tim Kono? is the second episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on August 31, 2021.


The group begins researching the victim. Meanwhile, Mabel's secretive past starts to be unraveled.


Mabel is in her apartment watching an old episode of Brazzos, the show Charles starred in back during the height of his career. She draws a sketch of Tim, but becomes distracted when she realises that the previous day, Charles was reciting old lines from the show when he told her about his father. She has on the engagement ring, but takes this off momentarily too.

Charles and Oliver are recording the second episode of their podcast. Charles is narrating, whilst Oliver offers directorial tips. They begin arguing over the podcast, but are shortly interrupted when Mabel arrives. Charles quickly reveals that he questioned the doorman, Lester, about the night of Kono's murder. He tells them that nobody entered or left the building during the moment in question; Charles suggests that the murderer must've been someone in the building and that they must find out who in the building knew Tim personally. Mabel suggests that they may be able to find clues at the memorial which is being held for Tim in the lobby of the Arconia.

During this, a flashback shows a conversation between Mabel and Tim. They're talking about their friend Oscar, and Mabel tells Tim that he has information that could help exonerate Oscar, who is currently in prison. Tim refuses, which upsets and disappoints Mabel. From this moment, the two decide that they are no longer friends and to act like they do not know one another.

Oliver and Bunny talk about his overdue building fees.

Meanwhile back in the present, Oliver, Mabel, and Charles attend the memorial in the lobby. It quickly becomes clear that Kono was not a popular figure at the Arconia, and not many of the residents liked him. Oliver picks out a visibly upset man from the crowd, Howard, and asks him to explain his feelings, believing this to be in relation to Tim. Howard, however, tells Oliver that his cat, Evelyn, passed away around the same time as Kono.

Momentarily, Oliver is approached by Bunny, the woman running the memorial, who tells him that his rent and building fees are outstanding and eight months late. She reminds him that if he does not pay his rent soon, the board will have to take action and evict him from the Arconia.

Mabel is visibly upset at the memorial, given she knew Tim personally. She retreats to her room and begins thinking about Tim. Doing this, she records herself on her laptop as she tells the story of how she and Tim knew one another. Mabel explains that they met at the fountain at the front of the Arconia, and quickly became friends after showing him the novels series, The Hardy Boys. Not long after, she and Tim met Zoe and Oscar and the four branded themselves their own Hardy Boys. She further explained that the group had keys to every apartment within the Arconia given Oscar's position as the superintendent's son.

Charles and Oliver visit Ursula, the manager of the Arconia. They ask for a file of all of the complaints received against Kono as they believe the murderer may have filed one or two. She bribes them, but hands them the file in return for a crate of Gut Milk. She also tells them that Kono's apartment is due to be emptied the following day.

Oliver and Charles gather Mabel and the three go into Kono's apartment to investigate before it is emptied. They don't find any photographs in the apartment or anything to suggest that he had a girlfriend, but do find numerous sex toys, and a plethora of books related to the Hardy Boys. There are also several past-due bills that Oliver finds.

A flashback shows Mabel remembering one New Year's Eve wherein Zoe and Oscar argued. The four attend a party, which ends in chaos when Oscar cheats in Zoe, causing the two to leave the party. Tim tells Mabel that he saw someone hurt Zoe, but it wasn't Oscar. He refuses to tell Mabel anything else about the event, which caused the rift between the two.

Back in the present, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel realise that Evelyn, the cat, also died in Kono's apartment the same night. They gather some of Tim's belongings and retreat back to Charles' apartment. Mabel later returns to Tim's apartment alone, where she talks to "Tim" and tries to figure out if his death has any relation to the death of Zoe that one New Year's Eve. She investigates the Hardy Boy's books Tim had in his apartment and finds numerous rings and jewellery hidden within the books. She also finds a drawing in one of the books, the same picture she drew the day they met at the fountain in front of the Arconia.



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  • A flashback shows that Tim and Mabel agreed that they would be strangers again and ignore one another. This explains why Mabel did not acknowlegde that she knew Tim the night of his murder when he entered the elevator in True Crime.
  • Oliver tells Charles that he doesn't trust Mabel and thinks she is hiding something.


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