Twist is the fifth episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on September 14, 2021.


Mabel slips away on a solo mission tracking the victim's final days. Suspicious, Charles and Oliver follow her.


As Mabel walks the streets of New York, she is followed by her childhood friend, Oscar Torres, who she hasn't seen in 10 years since they were children. Since then, he has been in prison for the death of their other friend, Zoe Cassidy, that night on the roof of the Arconia. Meanwhile, Oliver is excited because they have a new suspect in the death of Tim Kono — none other than Mabel herself. Given this, Oliver and Charles also follow Mabel as she navigates downtown New York.

Eventually, Oscar catches up with Mabel and the two talk. Oscar tells her that he was there the night of Tim Kono's death, he was the guy in the tie-dye hoodie seen running up the stairs of the Arconia whilst everyone else was evacuating. From a distance, Charles and Oliver research the death of Mabel and Oscar's friend, Zoe, believing this will give them an insight into the connection between her death and Kono's. Nonetheless, Charles is less suspecting of Mabel than Oliver and believes she is in danger. He is dismissed by Oliver, however, who remains skeptical that she is a prime suspect in their investigation.

Mabel discusses the clue she found in the books in Tim's apartment. Oscar realises that it relates to the tattoo parlour they visited when they were younger where they got matching tattoos. Oscar, however, tells her that he doesn't want to pursue the clue or anything to do with Tim's death, he simply wants to catch up with Mabel and spend time with her given they have been estranged for the past decade. Mabel, however, tells him that she needs to find answers to Tim's death and therefore enters the tattoo parlour despite Oscar's reluctance. Charles and Oliver witness this and follow her inside, where they encounter and talk with Mabel. They are upset that she lied about knowing Tim.

Mabel tells them that she is sorry and admits that she and Tim knew each other. They were friends when they were younger, and is partly why she is particularly interested in solving his murder. Tensions rise moments later when Oscar enters the tattoo parlour, having changed his mind and wanting to help Mabel in her investigation. He elaborates on the night of Tim's murder, citing that he was at the Arconia but heard a gunshot; nonetheless, he remarks that he didn't kill Tim. The tattooist at the parlour reveals that he knew Tim, and Tim was scared that he would het killed and in part, this was linked to the jewellery Mabel found in Kono's apartment. Mabel enters the jewellery bag she found in there apartment and shows the others.



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