The Sting

The Sting is the fourth episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on September 7, 2021.


Believing the murderer might be a famous resident whom is difficult to access, the group seeks advice from a renowned podcasting host.


Reeling and angry from the discovery that Winnie, his dog, has been poisoned, Oliver texts Charles and Mabel, citing that the killer might be a member of his family. He later shows them the note warning him end the podcast or risk being hurt. At this moment, Oliver reaches his own conclusion on who the murderer could be, and tells Charles and Mabel that he thinks the murderer is Sting, a man he encountered in the elevator the previous day and Winnie didn't like too much. Mabel follows this up and finds that Sting had connections with Tim Kono, having lost millions via the investment firm Kono worked for. Given the complexities of the case, Oliver, Charles, and Mabel decide to seek help from the host of their favourite podcaster, Cindy Canning.

The meeting is off to a good start, but complexities and tensions arise when Cindy is made aware that a company wishes to acquire the rights to her podcast for a hefty price of $30m. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel tell her about their podcast and the investigation they are leading into solving Tim's death, and Cindy tells them to embrace the mess and navigate it as best as possible.

Arriving back at the Arconia Charles hears Jan as she plays the bassoon from her apartment. He decides that he will join her and picks up an instrument to play along with her. This goes in his favour and she invites him out for dinner with her on a date. During the date, Jan tells him that she wants to exchange stories of why they are single, and asks Charles about both his parents and his previous relationship. Charles becomes defensive at the notion and makes it clear that he doesn't want to discuss this; he finds it difficult to discuss his ex with Jan, and becomes irritated. This ends the date prematurely.

The following day, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel return to their murder investigation. They head to Sting's apartment and ask him about Tim Kono, to which he quickly reveals that he fired him after his substantial loss of money. Sting later gets panicked and a little emotional, and reveals that he believes that his actions in firing Tim may have lead him to kill himself. Sting's feelings and worries are lessened when the trio tell him that they have a suspicion that Kono was murdered. Sting is relieved by the revelation and erupts into song on the spot, much to the surprise of the trio.

Charles visits Jan's apartment afterwards, believing that it is finally time to face his demons and clean up the mess that is his love life. He tells Jan all about his past relationship, including the heartbreak and embarrassment that followed after the relationship broke down and ended. After this, he asks Jan if she would consider going on a second date with him given he has feelings for her. She agrees, and it appears that the relationship will continue to develop and flourish.

At her apartment, Mabel researches one of the Hardy Boys novels, The Shore Road Mystery. It brings her to the website of a diamond distributor, to which she relates to the numerous articles of jewellery she found in Tim's apartment. Meanwhile, Oliver's son asks his father and Charles about their podcast, but further tells them that Mabel was friends with Tim once upon a time. Furthermore, he reveals that another friend within the same circle, fell from the roof of the Arconia, therefore Mabel is enthralled in the mystery that ensued.



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