The Last Day of Bunny Folger

The Last Day of Bunny Folger is the third episode of the second season of Only Murders in the Building and the thirteenth episode overall. It aired July 5, 2022.


A foul-mouthed parrot becomes a critical window into Bunny Folger’s last day on Earth. Some of the individuals with whom Bunny crossed paths will surprise both you and our trio... Along the way, a reveal deepens our trio's need to solve Bunny's case.[1]


Having taken custody of Bunny's pet parrot following her death, Oliver interviews the parrot in an attempt to get information from it about who was involved and responsible for the death of its owner, Bunny. Charles eventually gets bored of the interview, and changes the subject, suggesting that Bunny could've been his half-sister given his father was having relations with her mother, Leonora Folger. Charles remarks that this is particularly awkward given that he and Bunny kissed one night after getting drunk.

The trio recap the information they have gathered about Bunny's death, paying particular attention to the knitting needle, missing knife, and the last words Bunny said to Mabel before she succumbed to her injuries. Frustrated that they aren't making much progress with their investigation, they decide to recap Bunny's last day in an attempt to gather a fresh perspective on the matter.

A flashback begins, and the scene cuts to Bunny beginning her daily routine. She explains that it is her final day as the President of the Arconia's tenant board after twenty-six years; she isn't sure if the decision she is making is the correct one, and talks to her parrot, Mrs. Gambolini throughout the process.

As she continues through her day, she bumps into the three investigators, however the conversation between them is short, and she goes about her daily business. Bunny heads down to the local cafe where she eats and talks with the waiter whom she seems to know. The waiter asks if her friend from the previous day will be joining her, however she remarks that the guest will not, and that they are not friends. She hands the waiter an envelope of cash, and cites that she went over the 20% he is usually accustomed to. It is not revealed how much was in the envelope or what the cash was for, but there is something illegible written on the front.

Arriving back at the Arconia, Bunny interrupts the investigators as they are telling the story of how they caught Jan Bellows. Bunny reinforces the rules of the Arconia, and is quickly joined by Nina Lin, the new board president, who is just as strict and wishes to enforce the rules possibly even more than Bunny.

Heading back to her apartment before the board meeting, Bunny bumps into Charles and Mabel in the elevator, which quickly breaks down causing Charles to panic. Bunny is able to save the day when she gets the elevator started again after using her key to open the electrical box and mess with the electrics. Charles remarks that he doesn't know what they would do without her, and this makes Bunny reconsider whether or not stepping down is the right idea.

Howard, Nina, and the other board members throw Bunny a farewell party.

Bunny returns to her flat and the surprise party the Board have thrown her, and announces that she has changed her mind and will not be stepping down as the Board President. This infuriates Nina Lin, who cites that they already had an agreement and things were going her way. The two get into a verbal altercation and both become quite nasty to one another. Nina has plans to modernise the building, which catches Bunny by surprise, citing that they must conserve the heritage of the building; Nina calls Bunny a relic. Meanwhile, Howard Morris writes all of the events down in the Arconia Board Meeting notes.

Back in the present, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel read through the meeting minutes and decide that Nina Lin is now their prime suspect. They pin her to the chalk board, and it becomes clear that their investigation is going somewhere.

Meanwhile back in the past, on Bunny's final day, she congratulates the three on solving Tim Kono's murder and hands them a bottle of champagne. In return, they hand her a branded Only Murders in the Building podcast hoodie. She returns to her room to watch TV after being turned away by the three investigators. As Bunny returns to her room, she is murdered not long after, presumably by someone that she knows.


Main Cast[edit]


  • Teddy Coluca as Lester
  • Walker Hare as TV Detective
  • Steven Strickland as Coffee Vendor
  • Damani Varnado as Liam Grimpsby

Guest starring[edit]


  • This episode is the first this season and the second episode overall to be named after one of the characters, Bunny Folger. (The first episode to be named after a character was the second episode of season 1 "Who Is Tim Kono?")
  • This episode is set exclusively in the past, and details the last day Bunny spent as President of the Arconia's board; coincidentally, this was also the last day before her death at the hands of an unknown assailant.
  • Whilst the first episode to be named after a character, this episode is the second episode seen from the perspective of one of the characters. During season 1, an episode was seen from the perspective of Theo Dimas.



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