The Boy from 6B

The Boy from 6B is the seventh episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on September 28, 2021.


With the investigation scratching at a web of old crimes that originated inside the building, a mysterious young man turns the tables to spy on Charles, Oliver and Mabel.


Theo is the deaf son of Teddy, and is seen spying on Mabel, Oliver, and Charles. he sees the suspect board and sees that his father, Theo, is one of the she prime suspects of the murder investigation so far. On his way out of the Arconia, Theo has a conversation with the doorman and when he isn't looking, takes his keys which will allow him to enter any of the apartments within the hotel. Theo uses the keys to enter the apartment and take a photograph of the suspect board and all of the current suspects the investigation team have though of.

Whilst Oliver is preoccupying Teddy, Mabel and Charles sneak into his apartment. They find a hidden wall in which they hide behind, but find they do not have much time as Oliver and Teddy could return at any moment. Nonetheless, they find several urns belonging to a funeral parlour, and are quickly creeped out by the sentiment. As they prepare to leave, Theo enters the apartment. Given he is deaf, however, Charle and Mabel are able to make a quick, unnoticed escape from the apartment. As Teddy returns, Theo tells his father that they have figured out their involvement with Kono's murder and shows him the photograph of the suspect wall from Apartment B. Teddy assures Theo that he will take care of the situation and not to worry about it. Teddy puts a package of jewellery into one of the urns behind the secret door.

A flashback shows the Hardy Boys entering Teddy's apartment back when they were younger. Theo watches them from the room, but they are none the wiser to this, and Zoe takes a ring from the apartment — the same ring that was missing the night she fell from the roof of the Arconia. Theo quickly shifts back into the present and is surprised to find a glove on the floor that Charles had been wearing moments earlier whilst searching the apartment; it becomes clear that Theo knows they were in the apartment.

In another flashback, the night of the party is shown. Zoe is seen flirting with Theo in the elevator of the Arconia. When she leaves the elevator, Teddy points out the ring on Zoe's finger, it's the same ring stolen from their apartment.

Meanwhile in the present, Oliver and Mabel decide to check out the funeral home where the urns in Teddy's apartment came from. They descend to the basement where they witness jewellery being taken off a body and put into an urn. It becomes clear to both Oliver and Mabel that Teddy is a grave robber and therefore may not have anything to do with the death of Tim like they thought. Tensions rise when Theo spots Oliver and Mabel and later recognises Mabel from the night Zoe fell from the roof of the Arconia.

Another flashback shows that Theo witnessed an argument between Oscar and Zoe that night and, after Oscar left, he went over to talk to Zoe. He asks for the ring back and tells her that his father is angry at him, and that he will exchange the ring for a real diamond one day. Zoe laughs at him, however, and the two get into a fight. Theo pushes her in self defence and she falls from the roof to her death. The whole ordeal is witnessed by Tim Kono from a distance. As Theo returns to his apartment, he hands his father the ring and tells him of the events that transpired and led up to the death of Zoe. He tells him that Tim saw the whole thing. As a result of this, Teddy is seen threatening both Tim and Mabel's life if he tells anyone about what he saw.

Back in the present, Charles awakens and finds he has numerous text messages from Oliver and Mabel telling him to try "Theo" as the password to Tim's phone. It is correct and he is able to get into the phone.



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