Teddy Dimas

Teddy Dimas is a recurring character on Only Murders in the Building and a close friend of Oliver Putnam. He is also responsible for sponsoring and providing funding for their podcast, Only Murders in the Building.

Teddy lives in the Arconia with his deaf son, Theo Dimas, and owns a chain of restaurants known as Dimas Delis.


Friendship with Oliver[edit]

Teddy has a long history with Oliver Putnam and the two are close given Teddy provided funding for some of Oliver's theatre productions. The friendship between the two broke down slightly after Oliver persuaded Teddy to fund his production, Splash!, which was a fail at the box office and cost him a lot of money. Nonetheless, the two remained friends after this.

When Oliver, Mabel, and Charles begin a podcast about the death of Tim Kono, Oliver once again seeks out Teddy for funding, but his motives run deeper than simply funding the podcast. Oliver is struggling to pay his building fees and wishes to leverage the funding to prevent his eviction from the Arconia; a fact that he does not disclose at the time. Eventually, after initially refusing, Teddy agrees to put up the capital and sponsor the podcast. He becomes excited when he realises that the podcast is gaining traction and perhaps there is a future for it in which it would make returns on his investment.

Jewellery theft[edit]

Eventually, Teddy becomes the focus of the podcasts investigation, and he is suspected of killing Tim Kono. After investigation, however, it becomes clear that he and his son, Theo are grave robbers and are involved in the stealing of numerous jewellery pieces. Tim Kono, was also involved in this and knew about it.

They are eventually able to connect the ring Zoe Cassidy had been wearing to Teddy and Theo, and it becomes clear that Teddy gave the ring to Tim in order to keep him quiet about Theo's involvement in Zoe's accidental death on the roof of the Arconia.

Teddy goes to jail for his crimes, and grows a hatred for the investigators, particularly Oliver for his role in uncovering Teddy's crimes. Nonetheless, he returns to the Arconia not long after to collect some supplies. In a chance encounter with Oliver, Teddy promises to crush Oliver for ruining his life.[1]


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