Season 2

{{#ifeq: 0 | 0 |}} The second season of Only Murders in the Building was announced September 2021, following the successful release of the first season. The season premiered on Hulu June 28, 2022.


Following the shocking death of Arconia Board President Bunny Folger, Charles, Oliver & Mabel race to unmask her killer. However, three (unfortunate) complications ensue – the trio is publicly implicated in Bunny’s homicide, they are now the subjects of a competing podcast, and they have to deal with a bunch of New York neighbors who all think they committed murder.[1]

Cast and Characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]



  • Amy Schumer as herself
  • Shirley MacLaine as Leonora Folger
  • Andrea Martin as Joy
  • Mark Consuelos as Mabel's dad


No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11 01 Persons of Interest John Hoffman John Hoffman & Noah Chazen Levine June 28, 2022
Persons of Interest Promotional Image.jpeg

Charles, Oliver and Mabel are now implicated in the murder of Board President, Bunny Folger.

12 02 Framed John Hoffman Kristin Newman June 28, 2022
Framed Promotional Image.jpeg

A memorial for Bunny Folger provides an opportunity for our trio to question their neighbors, while they also try to get rid of a very implicating piece of evidence.

13 03 The Last Day of Bunny Folger Jude Weng Ben Smith July 5, 2022
The Last Day of Bunny Folger Title Card.jpg A foul-mouthed parrot becomes a critical window into Bunny Folger’s last day on Earth. Some of the individuals with whom Bunny crossed paths will surprise both you and our trio... Along the way, a reveal deepens our trio's need to solve Bunny's case.
14 04 Here's Looking at You Jude Weng Valentina Garza & Rachel Burger July 12, 2022
Heres Looking at You Title Card.jpg Charles, Oliver, and Mabel have an unexpected visitor who reveals hidden secrets about the Arconia
15 05 The Tell Cherien Dabis Matteo Borghese & Rob Turbovsky July 19, 2022
The Tell Title Card.jpg Mabel hosts a party for an eclectic art crowd which also serves a double purpose for smoking out a liar in the trio’s midst.
16 06 Performance Review Cherien Dabis Ben Smith & Joshua Allen Griffith July 26, 2022
Performance Review Title Card.jpg Charles, Oliver and Mabel collide with their podcasting mentor-turned-competitor, Cinda Canning. Subsequently, a key clue requires the trio to orchestrate a stakeout - Brazzos-style

17 07 Flipping the Pieces Chris Teague Stephen Markley & Ben Philippe August 2, 2022
Mabel's incident on the subway leads her to gain help from an unlikely ally. Their journey takes them to a legendary amusement park which turns out to be full of terror — while amusements and evidence reside back in the Arconia with Charles and Oliver.
18 08 Hello, Darkness Chris Teague Madeleine George August 9, 2022
A blackout throws the city into chaos. As the trio races to save a loved one from the killer, other Arconia residents begin to explore unexpected connections in the midst of darkness — all enhanced by Gut Milk and a yodel or two.
19 09 Sparring Partners Jamie Babbit Kirker Butler August 16, 2022

Closing in on the killer, Mabel takes her investigative talents into the ring. Oliver and Charles duke it out over a birdcage only to end up confronting their deepest paternal struggles.

20 10 I Know Who Did It Jamie Babbit John Hoffman & Matteo Borghese & Rob Turbovsky August 23, 2022
One question remains: Who did it??? Oh, who are we kidding -- there's a few more questions raised, too



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