Performance Review

Performance Review is the sixth episode of the second season of Only Murders in the Building and the sixteenth episode overall. It aired July 26th, 2022.


Charles, Oliver and Mabel collide with their podcasting mentor-turned-competitor, Cinda Canning. Subsequently, a key clue requires the trio to orchestrate a stakeout - Brazzos-style.[1]


Poppy uncovers and brings to Cinda Canning a controversial figure from Mabel's past, a previous work colleague Jimmy Russo, who claims that Mabel injured him whilst they worked together. Cinda plans to host an episode of her latest podcast, Only Murderers in the Building, in which she will use Jimmy to implicate Mabel as a possible murder suspect given her violent past.

One by one, the three lead investigators go about their lives, whilst Poppy gives a harsh monologue about the truths of the lives we live. Mabel hopes to start over with Alice, Charles with Jan, and Oliver with the question of his son, Will's parentage. Oliver continues with his quest to complete a DNA test to confirm whether or not he is part Greek or not, which would explain the Greek heritage found on their side of the family.

Charles, however, has returned briefly to star in the upcoming revival of Brazzos, and is settling in nicely with his new role. In the dressing room, he flirts with the hair stylist, but is briefly interrupted when Oliver, Mabel, and Lucy arrive to discuss their next plan of action.

On further investigation of the matchstick book found in her apartment, Mabel finds that there is a bloody fingerprint on it that they may be able to use. They decide to contact Detective Williams, who they believe they can trust, to ask if she can assist them. Williams agrees to meet and run the prints from the matchbook to see if there are any matches within the Police Database. Momentarily, however, the trio are interrupted when an office, sent by Detective Kreps arrives to bring the investigators to Bunny's apartment at the Arconia.

When Mabel, Charles, and Oliver reach the Arconia, they find that Cinda Canning and Poppy White are also there. Kreps tells the two to stop interfering with his investigation and to shut down the podcasts. Cinda, however, is reluctant, and mentions several instances that he should be aware of. This forces him to reconsider his words. Cinda tells Mabel that she will be using Jimmy Russo's story on her podcast, given the the history the two had when they worked together at Long John Silver's. Kreps tells the investigators, Poppy, and Cinda that Detective Williams is on maternity leave in Denver. This confuses the investigators, but they quickly realise that it is not Williams they are texting with, but could be the killer.

The three investigators launch a plan to lure in the person they are texting with in hopes of catching the killer. They plan to call him to Morningside Park, where they plan to leave the evidence in a specific spot and await his arrival. Instead of the evidence he believes he is collecting, however, he will instead be ambushed by a glitter bomb.

During the podcast episode recording, Jimmy narrates the story of his time working with Mabel at Long Johns. He tells Cinda that Mabel purposefully cut off his finger and served them up after deep frying them. Mabel, however, tells Charles and Oliver what really happened: Jimmy was a pervert and one time, she pushed back and he caught his hand in the slicer. During this, Oliver notices several calls on Charles' phone to the jail, and surmises that he and Jan Bellows are still in contact and perhaps dating.

Whilst the trio discuss Charles and Jan's relationship, the killer approaches the park to collect the evidence. Mabel spots the killer in her rear view mirror, but by the time they have time to act, the killer has already gone.

At the correctional facility, it is revealed that Charles sent Pataki with a script to break up with Jan in his shed.

When Mabel returns to her apartment, she finds that Alice has transformed the apartment into the murder scene and is recreating a memory Mabel would rather forget. Mabel is heartbroken and leaves immediately.

Whilst on a call with Poppy in the subway, in which Poppy tells Mabel that Jan would do anything she could to tell a good story, Mabel spots the killer and approaches. Not long after, Charles and Oliver receive a video of Mabel stabbing the man on the subway, which fans dub "Bloody Mabel part two".


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  • The episode title refers to the "performance review" Poppy schedules in Cinda Canning's calendar in which she asks for a promotion on advice of Mabel Mora.



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