Open and Shut

Open and Shut is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on October 19, 2021.


In the season finale, the trio faces a resolution while their own lives are put in danger.


Tim Kono narrates the moments leading up to his death that night in the Arconia. Kono explains that as he grew up, he lost most of his friends and became especially lonely. He had a romance with Jan, which helped somewhat to pull him out of his loneliness.

In the present, Oliver and Mabel have been working hard to find out who Kono was seeing in the moments leading up to his death. They figure out that it was Jan, and decide that they must warn Charles before he gets hurt. When alerted to the situation, however, Charles tells the two that they are ridiculous and that he isn't sleeping with a murderer. Both Oliver and Mabel explain their theory, however, and are pretty certain that they have it all figured out.

Jan and Charles later talk at his apartment. She apologises for lying about being first chair, and is pretty upset that he found out the way he did. The two share a drink, but tensions rise when Jan notices the instrument cleaner in Charles' apartment which he retrieved from Kono's room; she questions whether he thinks she is the killer, but he tells her that he doesn't, and later confesses his love for her. Jan reciprocates the remark about also loving Charles, and the complexities between the two seem to have been fixed.

Nonetheless, Mabel and Oliver have been working to continue their investigation. They have been snooping around Jan's apartment whilst she is occupied with Charles. They manage to find a knife and traces of poison. They surmise that Jan stabbed herself to throw the investigation against her into the wind.

Shortly after things seem to be fixed, it becomes clear that Charles is smarter than anyone would give him credit for. He reveals that he knows Jan poisoned the alcohol she gave him using the same agent she used against Tim Kono. Jan simply laughs, citing that she is excited that everything is known now and that she doesn't have to hide anything else. Charles begins recanting the evidence against her, but Jan simply reveals that the poison was on the handkerchief, not the alcohol. As a result of this, Charles collapses to the floor under the potions' influence.

Realising that she is racing against the clock to keep her actions under the radar, Jan leaves Charles' apartment to finalise her plot against the others before time runs out. Charles, meanwhile, tries to use his phone with his nose to alert the others. He is able to make it to the elevator with great difficulty, but receives less than welcoming looks from the other residents, who believe he is drunk.

Things become difficult for Charles, Mabel, and Oliver as each tries to find one another; they keep missing one another on the elevator but eventually, Oliver and Mabel are able to find Charles. Oliver tries to help Charles by feeding him milk, which he believes will absorb the toxins of the poison. They use Charles' face to unlock his phone and on it, they find a recording where Jan admits to the murder of Tim Kono. They quickly become distracted when a strong smell of gas emits Erin the basement.

The three head to the basement but find themselves head on with Jan who points a gun at them. Oliver is able to use Charles' wheelchair to hit Jan who is subsequently punched by Mabel. She is arrested shortly after by the Police Department.

Shortly after Kono's murder has been solved — and an undisclosed time period later — Charles and Oliver receive a text message telling them they must leave the building. They go to try and find Mabel, but find her leaned over Bunny Folger's dead body covered in blood. She remarks that it isn't what they think, but Charles and Oliver aren't convinced given Mabel's knitting needle is protruding from Bunny's back. The three of them are arrested by the police shortly after.



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