Lucy is a recurring character in the Hulu Original Only Murders in the Building. She is the daughter of Charles-Haden Savage's ex-girlfriend, Emma, and lived with Charles in the Arconia for five years during the relationship between her mother and Charles.

Lucy later returns to the Arconia following her mothers marriage to a man she doesn't like. She catches up with Charles and reveals that she knows something about the hidden passageways around the Arconia and was present during the night of Bunny Folger's murder.


History with Charles[edit]

Lucy lived with Charles for five years during her childhood when her mother, Emma, was dating Charles. She lived with him and her mother at his apartment in the Arconia and the two were very close to one another. Charles remarked that he was closer with Lucy than he was with Emma and Emma didn't like this.

The relationship between Emma and Charles eventually broke down as a result of this and Emma left Charles whilst on holiday. Charles was told that he was to keep away from them and not contact Lucy.

Returning to the Arconia[edit]

Eight years later, Charles and Lucy began talking again around the time he and the other investigators became known for solving Tim Kono's murder. Lucy returned to the Arconia the night of Bunny Folger's death after running away from her mother and skipping her wedding. Lucy told Charles that she didn't like the man and that out of the five father figures she has had, Charles has been her favourite.

Lucy's return comes at a bad time for Charles and the other investigators, however, given their situation and being framed for the murder of Arconia Board President Bunny Folger. Nonetheless, Lucy is useful in the investigation and shows Charles, Mabel, and Oliver the secret passageways that link the Arconia together.


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