Howard Morris

Howard Morris is a recurring character in the first and second season of the Hulu Original Only Murders in the Building. He is a resident of the Arconia and becomes saddened at the death of his pet cat, Evelyn. He becomes determined to find the culprit, which is eventually revealed to indirectly be Jan Bellows.

Howard later becomes wrapped up in the investigation into the murder of Bunny Folger, however his intentions and involvement within the murder are currently unknown.


Evelyn's Death and Investigation[edit]

After the death of Tim Kono, it becomes clear that there was also another tragedy at the Arconia, the death of Howard's cat, Evelyn, who was seemingly poisoned on the same night that Tim was murdered. Howard becomes overly upset at the death of his cat, and pleads with the investigators to help him find out who killed Evelyn.

Howard's despair at the death of Evelyn makes him a prime suspect in the murder case the investigators begin to build. They believed that Howard possibly murdered Tim as a result of Evelyn's death, which Howard had reason to believe Tim partook in or was responsible for. This theory, however, is quickly quashed when Mabel and Charles interview him and he collapses at the sight of blood. This largely rules him out of the investigation.

It later becomes public knowledge that Evelyn was accidentally killed by Jan Bellows during the murder of Tim, who was also poisoned with the same substance used to kill Tim. This brings Howard piece of mind, and he is able to move on with his life.

Precarious Involvement in Bunny's Investigation[edit]

After Bunny Folger is murdered in the Arconia, Howard once again becomes a suspect in the investigation of Oliver, Mabel and Charles. He becomes an even bigger suspect when the three notice that he has a bruised and black eye, which he attributes to falling over sometime.

Later, Howard admits that the bruise was actually caused by Nina Lin, who punched him in the face after the Arconia's board meeting before Bunny's death. He tells the investigators that Nina is violent and that he believes she may have something to do with, or be responsible for, Bunny's death.


Season 1
Season 2


  • Aside from Evelyn, Howard had another cat called Barbara, however he did not seem particularly fond of her and noted that she was a "Bitch".



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