How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors? is the third episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on August 31, 2021.


Oliver employs his theatre director skills to analyse the case. Charles & Mabel question an obsessive cat lover.


A flashback to 2005 shows Oliver pitching an idea for a musical called "Splash!", it has a pool involved, and none of the investment group think that it is a good idea or are on board with his idea. Oliver is with his wife at the meeting. As the night goes on, Oliver tries to convince the group to go along with his idea, and he eventually is successful and they agree that it could work. Teddy in particular agrees to fund the idea.

In the present, Charles and Oliver work on the next episode of their podcast. They are arguing as usual, but Ursula interrupts them when she arrives carrying more Gut Milk and more information about Tim Kono. She also carries with her a final notice from Bunny which tells Oliver that he must pay his bills or his power and water will be turned off in 24 hours. Oliver is visibly concerned by the notice, but doesn't allow this to show.

In an effort to build their pool of potential suspects, Charles does the rounds and takes selfies with each of the residents that filed a complaint about Kono. They are trying to find a man wearing a tie-dyed hoodie and someone they believe to be Kono's fiancé. Meanwhile, Oliver searches for the murder suspect in the candidate pool, and eventually decides that Howard is their prime suspect when they find out that Tim had threatened in the past to kill Evelyn, his cat. Oliver tells Charles and Mabel that they should interview Howard for their podcast, and hands them microphones to aid with this.

In the elevator, Charles and Mabel bump into a woman who lives in the Arconia and plays the bassoon, her name is Jan. She and Charles begin talking and flirting, which is encouraged by Mabel who witnesses the whole ordeal. Meanwhile, Oliver tells his friend Teddy about the podcast and asks him to sponsor them $32,000 to cover the cost of the podcast.

Meanwhile, Mabel and Charles talk with Howard, the owner of the dead cat Evelyn. Mabel asks about Tim Kono, and Howard reveals that he heard that Kono was fired from his job for losing a client a substantial amount of money. The situation becomes complex when Charles gets a nose bleed during the interview. This causes Howard to pass out, which gives the two a pretty good hint that he isn't the murderer they are looking for. When Howard comes around, he tells the two that he thinks Tim poisoned Evelyn before killing himself, but this is an unlikely theory and dismissed by Charles and Mabel. Charles tells Mabel that he thinks Howard is acting and could still be the murderer they are looking for — the fainting doesn't rule him out, but it is convenient for him.

Mabel and Charles leave Howard's apartment and hail different evaluators. Oliver and Charles encounter one another during the ride and Oliver tells him that he wants to sell his broadway poster from his show, "Splash!", but doesn't tell him that he needs the money to pay his bills. Eventually, he returns to Teddy and is able to convince him to invest in the podcast.

Mabel, meanwhile, visits Mr. Torres, the building superintendent but also the father of her old friend, Oliver. He tells her to go away and leave Oscar alone and out of Tim's murder.

Mabel heads back to her apartment and looks through the jewellery she gathered from Tim's apartment. She finds a note within the jewellery that reads "G.M. 1/31 @ 4:30 pm Shore Road" — a week away from the current date, which is January 24.

Charles, Mabel, and Oliver recoup and Oliver reveals that he published the first episode of the podcast. When they return to Oliver's apartment, however, they find a note taped to the door that warns Oliver to end the podcast or get hurt. Inside, they find that Winnie, Oliver's dog, has been poisoned by presumably the same poison that killed Evelyn.



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