Here's Looking at You

Here's Looking at You is the fourth episode of the second season of Only Murders in the Building and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired July 12, 2022.


Charles, Oliver, and Mabel have an unexpected visitor who reveals hidden secrets about the Arconia.[1]


A flashback shows the relationship between Charles-Haden Savage and Lucy, the daughter of his former girlfriend, Emma. After the breakup between Emma and Charles, the latter was forbidden to talk to Lucy and the two drifted apart. They have, however, recently got back into contact after the investigation into Tim Kono's murder, and Lucy wishes to meet up with her father-figure once more.

Meanwhile, however, Charles' is distracted when he arrives on the set for the Brazzos reboot, to find that his script has been changed slightly since he agreed to star. The director tells Charles that he is now in a wheelchair and has a spot of dementia, given the writers are fearful that Charles could be arrested at any times and therefore, he could need to be written out of the show quickly. Charles is upset and storms off to his trailer in protest, but is shocked to find that Lucy is waiting for him in the dressing room.

Oliver is also facing his own parenting issues, however, when his son Will calls him asking for help in his rehearsals for The Wizard of Oz play he is directing with young children. Oliver puts him off, however, and tells him that he's too busy to be helping out. Things become more complex and awkward for Oliver when he encounters Teddy in the elevator of the Arconia, and the two have an awkward conversation in which Teddy promises to ruin Oliver for his involvement in his arrest.

At his flat, Charles is getting quickly reacquainted with Lucy. She reveals that her mother remarried two weeks ago, and she didn't attend the wedding. Mabel and Oliver enter moments later interrupting the catch up to notify Charles about Teddy's shocking return to the Arconia. Charles is overwhelmed with Lucy's arrival and asks Mabel to talk with her given their similar age — Charles even offers to pay Mabel $200, but Mabel makes a joke and says she will do it for free. Nonetheless, Mabel struggles to get to the bottom of Lucy's surprise arrival and backs out.

Whilst cooking and omelette, Lucy is surprised when she pulls out a bloody knife from Charles' knife block. She jokes about the knife not being clean, and the investigators quickly realise that the knife is the murder weapon. Oliver recognises that the knife belongs to him. Oliver panics when there is a knock at the door and throws the knife into the ceiling. Howard is at the door and reveals that he isn't being truthful about the black eye. He reveals that the black eye came from Nina Lin, who punched him in there face and as a result, he believes that Nina is responsible for the murder of Bunny Folger.

Nonetheless, the trio become even more confused when Lucy shows them a hidden passageway in Charles' bathroom. Lucy tells them that there are several passageways similar to those around the building that she and the other younger children used to play hide-and-seek with the passageways. The trio and Lucy walk through the passageways and look what the people of the Arconia are up to. Oliver spies on Teddy and Theo who are arguing, with Theo remarking that Teddy is ruing his life. Nina, on the other hand, talks with the father of their child and they agree that Bunny "had to go"; they also reveal plans of building a large, modernistic sculpture on the top of the Arconia.

Lucy has an idea and believes that in her hormonal state, Nina may confess to the murder. Each of the four head over to Nina's with a basket of gifts and Oliver pressures her to confess, but this only stresses Nina and her water quickly breaks. As a result, Charles believes that he must deliver the baby and gives an emotional speech. The ambulance, however, arrives just in time before Charles is forced to deliver the baby. Nina tells Charles that he must find who killed Bunny — this largely rules Nina out as a suspect.v

Moments before departing from the Arconia to return home, Lucy reveals that she was at the Arconia the night of Bunny's murder and was in the secret passageways. Meanwhile, Charles meets up with Jan Bellows in prison and asks for her help in solving the case.


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  • Howard Morris reveals that he wasn't truthful about the way he obtained his black eye. In fact, he was punched in the face by Nina Lin. He believes that she could be responsible for murdering Bunny Folger.
    • Nina is largely ruled out as a murder suspect in this episode.
  • Lucy shows Charles-Haden Savage a hidden passageway in his apartment. She reveals that she used to play hide-and-seek with fellow kids at the Arconia using the passageways.
  • Jan Bellows makes an appearance. She was last seen in the finale of the first season.
  • The song Charles and Lucy sing "Angel in Flip-Flops" was released online on YouTube and music streaming platforms like Spotify as a single. Steve Martin served as co-writer for the song.



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