Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction is the eighth episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on October 5, 2021.


Hitting a dead end, the group calls for reinforcements in the form of their podcast's Superfans.


Charles, Oliver and Mabel decide that it is finally time for them to piece together the elements of their case and build a solid foundation for solving the investigation into the death of Tim Kono. Jan accompanies with them and brings snacks, whilst Oscar is also present. Oscar reveals that Tim got the ring from his connection on the night that Zoe Cassidy fell from the roof of the Arconia. Oliver quickly becomes annoyed by the extra people in the room, most notably Oscar and Jan, and leaves to get food. Leaving the Arconia, he is approached by numerous fans of the podcast who ask if the answer is near. They give multiple suspect ideas and Oliver decides that this could be useful for them. As a result, he invites them inside to help them build their case.

In a meeting between Oliver, Mabel, and Charles, Oliver tells them that they can utilise their fans to build a suspect list and figure out what exactly happened the night of Tim's death. Oliver has his fans take part in a drama exercise in which they try to peace together what happened the night of Tim's death. They quickly surmise that the suicide notes they found in Tim's trash could actually be death threats from Teddy.

After the fans leave, Oliver, Charles, and Mabel record the podcast episode and Jan also leaves to return to her apartment. When she arrives, she finds an eerily similar not to Oliver's on her door which reads "I'm watching you". She becomes spooked.

As a result of the podcast in which they accuse Teddy of being involved in the death of Tim Kono, Detective Williams and the Police Department turn up at Teddy's apartment to look around. Oliver receives a call from Detective Williams thanking him but confusion arises when she receives the results of the toxicology report done on Kono shortly after his death. It reveals that Tim was poisoned, presumably by the same poison used on Evelyn, Howard's cat. The gunshot seems to be a red-herring and happened after his death, therefore he was poisoned not shot to death.

After texting Jan and not receiving a message back, Charles heads over to her apartment with flowers. He wants to apologise for not believing her when she said there could've been another suspect. When he arrives, however, he finds her bleeding out on the floor from a stab wound.



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This episode marks the first time that Chrissy stands up for herself against the New York Police Department with backing evidence about the murder of Tim Kono and Charles, Mabel and Oliver back Chrissy up with their investigation clues and evidence that they found. In this episode, Mabel explains Oliver’s friendship attachment issues that normally happens when Chrissy goes to look for mystery evidence, Mabel tries to tell Oliver that Chrissy will be back and not get hurt, ( Chrissy comes back to the apartment house of Charles- Haden Savage to collect evidence.)


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