Double Time

Double Time is the ninth episode of the first season of Only Murders in the Building. It was available for streaming on Hulu on October 12, 2021.


With the residents growing upset at the building's negative publicity, the trio faces a revolt. Charles is visited by an old colleague who sheds light on his past.


The Police swarm the Arconia after Jan's fatal stabbing not long before. Afterwards, Jan is home and well in her apartment, with Charles looking after her. The two talk about who could've been the one to stab her, but she remarks that she didn't see who it was nor does she have any inclination of who would want to hurt her. Nonetheless, the whole stabbing incident is making Charles rethink the podcast and his involvement in it. Moments after, Charles' phone rings and it is his stunt double from his hit series Brazzos. Her name is Pataki and she is at the Arconia visiting.

Oliver records and releases a new segment to the podcast in which he retracts the previous statement that Teddy was responsible for the death of Tim Kono. Mabel works in her apartment whilst listening to the podcast, but is quickly distracted when a piece of paper is pushed under her door that alerts them to a building wide meeting about the podcast.

After the news that Pataki is coming to visit, Charles talks with Jan about how he always felt inferior and second best to Pataki during their time on Brazzos. Mabel, Oscar, and Oliver stop by and it is revealed that Oliver has been locked out of his apartment due to the pending eviction for unpaid bills and building fees.

With Pataki now at the Arconia, she joins in the investigation as they all look at the suspect board. Pataki has a theory, it was a crime of passion and therefore the suspect must be someone relatively close to Tim; it's likely to be someone that Tim was romantically or sexually involved with at the time of his death.

Mabel, Oliver, Charles, and Oscar attend the building meeting. Charles still thinks that Howard is the murderer. Bunny begins the meeting and cites that the investigation and the podcast is making the lives of the Arcadia's residents hell. As a result, they are in violation of the building rules and therefore, there are grounds for eviction. The residents of the Arconia vote unanimously to evict Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, and Bunny remarks that she will start the process today. As the trio enter the elevator, Mabel and Oliver decide that they want to find the murder so they can stop the eviction. Charles, however, cites that he wants out.

As Charles arrives back at his apartment, he finds that Jan is packing her things. She wants to stay in her own apartment the night before her big show. Jan suggests that Bunny could be the murderer and called the building meeting to throw the residents and the investigation off their scent.

Oliver and Mabel continue to work on the investigation and look through Tim's stuff one more time. Mabel makes a discovery when she realises that the handles on the bags thrown out are different colours. This means that Tim was throwing out someone else's trash the night of his death. As a result, they believe that he may have been seeing someone up until his death. They ask his neighbours, who confirm that he was but she is unaware of who it is. When they check out Tim's apartment once more, they find a bassoon cleaner.



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